Digital Camera


Digital cameraconstitutes a technologically pioneering method of diagnosing difficult problems that are not visibly cleared to an unaided eye.

The patients see for the first time their oral cavity and they are informed for the necessary treatment.

Digital X-ray

High-tech digital X-ray radiology provides with great protection both our patients and staff. The exposure to radiation time during radiography is minimum.

The instant appearance of the X-ray on the computer and its immediate analysis give us a highly valuable diagnostic tool while saving time for your treatment.

Hygiene and Aseptic Conditions

In our practices we place special emphasis on the hygiene rules in both the exam rooms and waiting areas.

  • Both of our clinics have advanced autoclaved furnaces where all the tools and raw materials are sterilized.
  • We use disposable mini-tools, plastic glasses, polishing tools which are discarded after use in special cans.
  • Our dental offices are disinfected daily with disinfectants certified for their effectiveness & environmental friendliness.


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