It is a commom fact that all people want healthy teeth and assume that they will last forever! Unfortunately, there are times when we lose some of them and is created mouth imbalance. The solutions that existed in previous years for patients were to wear fixed or partial dentures. From the1960’s up to now dental science has explored ways to overcome the disadvantages of fixed and partial prosthetic. By restoring a missing tooth with an implant or with multiple implants in cases of complete edentulus, we provide excellent results in aesthetics, in chewing (similar to our natural teeth), minimizing bone atrophy, and of course not drilling healthy teeth. In short, dental implants not only help us in our overall denture but also improve our self esteem, by giving us more self-confidence.

Thus, by improving the appearance of our oral cavity, both our speech and eating process are just a few of the benefits for dental implants.

Kontopanos Christos
Dental surgeon

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