Over the years, a normal condition for teeth is to lose their bright color. Nutrition and age play an important role for a normal denture. Tooth whitening is a painless dental procedure that removes dye pigments and dyschromias. The most common causes of these teeth stains are the consumption of coffee, tea, soft drinks, tobacco use and poor oral hygiene. Other internal causes may be excessive exposure to fluoride during childhood,  tetracyclines intake during pregnancy or during the first 8 years of the child. Finally, a tooth injury is likely to cause discoloration According to Professor Ger. Doubitsas’s book  “Tooth whitening”, the chemical whitening of teeth has begun 150 years ago!

The first application was made by Dwinelle in 1848 using sodium chloride, but after research and usage of various techniques we have concluded in the following two methods:

  • the use of Carbamide peroxide, for home usage,
  • hydrogen peroxide by activating a light source at the clinic.


Kontopanos Christos
Dental surgeon
Source: : Gerasimos P.Douvitsas: “ Teeth Whitening”,
Odontiatriko Vima publ., Athens 2008

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